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September 18, 2021

Not many customers realize that the type of storage used by your hosting package can have a significant effect on your user’s perceived speed and responsiveness. At polur.net, we extensively use NVMe SSD storage technology for many of our hosting packages. You may be wondering why does this matter and how will it impact my website?

In this article, we'll briefly explore the difference between various storage technologies and how they can impact the overall performance and responsiveness of your website.

What is NVMe technology?

NVMe stands for Non-Volatile Memory express. It is a newer and innovative communication interface that addresses limitations posed by previous storage technologies. The NVMe protocol is designed for seamless use of high-speed storage media. It too is solid state like SATA (Serial ATA) SSDs, however the speed and performance is anything but similar.

To break it


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August 20, 2021

A question that often gets asked by our customers is why the pricing of our webhosting plans listed at polur.net may seem a little more than the budget hosting providers. One feature that distinguishes our company from the competition is the software and resources that we provide consistently across all our plans, without artificial limitations or compromises. A key product that powers our hosting platform is the type of web server we use, called LiteSpeed Enterprise, which is a proprietary, commercial web server product that has been in operation since 2003.

LiteSpeed's distinguishing feature is that it is considered a drop-in replacement for Apache, which is the de-facto standard for web hosting due to its security, performance and reliability. However, as many polur.net customers have experienced over the past few decades, Apache has several


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July 1, 2021

If you're a Canadian business, individual or catering to Canadian customers, something that is often overlooked when searching for web hosting providers is the advantage of hosting your website within Canada

Hosting your website using a Canadian-based server is advantageous for a number of reasons, including:

Performance Privacy and Security Geolocation Currency

Let's look into some of these advantages further.

1. Performance

Canada’s telecommunications infrastructure is one of the fastest in the world. With direct local access to these networks, websites hosted in Canada tend to be faster and more reliable for your Canadian visitors than those hosted in the US. 

At polur.net, we operate our top-of-the-line server infrastructure at our Montreal, Quebec datacentre. No matter w


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