O Canada!

Web hosting plans for Canadians, by Canadians

As a Canadian business operating since 2004, we’re proud to offer customers the option of hosting their website within Canada and paying in Canadian dollars.

Why host in Canada?

  • Speed
  • Privacy and Security
  • Geolocation
  • Canadian Currency
Lightning Fast

Lightning fast websites

Canada’s telecommunications infrastructure is one of the fastest in the world. With direct local access to these networks, websites hosted in Canada tend to be faster and more reliable for your Canadian visitors than those hosted in the US. Additionally, with our top-of-the-line server infrastructure located in our Montreal, Quebec datacenter, we guarantee you will get the most powerful performance for your website without compromise.


Stay in control of your data

Federal and provincial data privacy and security laws are significantly different in Canada than within the United States. Frequently, website data stored in the US can be accessed or monitored under American laws and without prior consent or notice. Hosting in Canada assures the safety and privacy for not only for your website, but also extends to your customers and site visitors, subject to applicable Canadian federal and provincial law.

Located in Canada

Make it easier for Canadians to find you

Updates to Google’s search algorithm now prioritize local results for search queries. Choosing a Canadian hosting provider provides you with a local Canadian IP address which can help you rank higher for searches performed within the country. Need to reach Canadian customers? Host in Canada!

Canadian Currency

Save money by paying in CAD

For Canadian businesses, the fluctuating exchange rate can make paying for services in USD a nightmare. In many cases, it also results in higher costs for similar offerings and extra currency conversion fees from your credit card issuer. We are pleased to offer all of our plans priced competitively in both CAD and USD, regardless of which datacenter you choose! Use the currency switcher located on each of our pricing plan pages to choose the currency you want to be billed under.

Start hosting!

  • Perfect for blogs, individuals, or small businesses with simple needs.
  • Perfect for web developers, web design agencies, and resellers.

Virtual Private Servers

  • Perfect for mid-to-large business and websites with higher space, traffic and control demands.
  • Perfect for larger businesses, enterprises and tech wizards.

Our Network

Canadian Data Centre

Our Canadian hosting servers are located in Montreal, QC.

Planned Stability

Our network is fully redundant so you get 100% uptime and guaranteed stability.

Built-in Security

We use servers that include up to 10Gbps of DDoS protection.

Optimized Bandwidth

Minimize latency and bypass congestion with intelligent routing.

Our Company

We’re proud to be Canadian owned and operated.

Polur is a division of Cian Technologies Inc., a Canadian corporation. We started our services back in 2004 when the webhosting and digital landscape was vastly different compared to today. What started off as a humble business focusing on domain name registration services has now become a premier, all-in-one web hosting solution provider for hundreds of customers worldwide. Despite its growth, Polur remains connected to its roots in the Great White North.

Today, we are based in Surrey, BC and serve customers coast-to-coast from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island. Our corporate and support teams are staffed by Canadians, and we offer web hosting in our secure and high-quality Canadian datacenter located in Montreal.

We strongly believe in supporting Canadian businesses, and providing them with exemplary, customized service. Our long tenure in this rapidly evolving industry demonstrates the reliability and experience of our team members and the loyalty shown from our customers.

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